This timeline details our journey and development goals.

Phase 1

Creation of the idea of Layer X project.

Phase 2

LayerX Launch On PancakeSwap, One Of The Leading Decentralized Exchanges On The Binance Smart Chain. This Will Allow Users To Easily Purchase And Trade LYX Tokens

Phase 3

Release Of Layer X Website And Whitepaper To Provide A Comprehensive Overview Of The Project, Its Vision, And Its Technical Aspects.

Phase 4

Bonding relationships with early investors and partners

Phase 5

  • Initiating of Marketing campaigns
  • Layer X technology development (dApps)
  • Testnet Development

Phase 6

  • Testnet Launch For Layer X : Layer X Will Launch Its Testnet, Allowing Developers And Users To Test And Experiment With Layer X`s Features.
  • Continued Development Of The Layer X Ecosystem,
  • Listing On Major Cryptocurrency Listing Sites: Layer X Will Be Listed On Major Cryptocurrency Listing Sites Such As CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, And Others. This Will Increase Layer X`s Visibility In The Cryptocurrency Community And Attract More Investors.

Phase 7

  • Mainnet Launch: LayerX Will Launch Its Mainnet, Marking A Major Milestone For The Project And Enabling Users To Fully Utilize Its Features And Capabilities.
  • Launch Of Additional Features, Including Cross-Chain Bridges And Scalability Improvements

Phase 8

  • Continued Expansion Of The LayerX Ecosystem Through Strategic Partnerships And Collaborations
  • Continued Development And Expansion Of Platform Capabilities

Phase 9

2024 will be a new start for Layer X